Cyber attacks are stealing the data with the help of malicious software happening on the internet. The unauthorized data is stealing from the user data. The cryptocurrency scams are increasing day by day in the world of crypto.

Phishing is one of the processes of stealing the data or the digital assets.

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Types of Cyber Attacks and Methods to Remove It


Ransomware is a random malware that prevents users from accessing their files by paying a certain amount of money. 

Types of Ransomware


Scareware is the type of ransomware attack, it happens when downloading the files on the internet with suspicious activity. Scareware can be easily removed by installing the cyber security applications to the computer with the full protection.


Screen Locker ransomware is the other type of attack, the computer will be locked by showing the warning sign. The computer will be unlocked only when the payment is completed properly. 

Encrypted Ransomware

Encrypted Ransomware is the important type of ransomware that happens when unlocking files. When this type of malware is attacked, it becomes very difficult to eradicate. There is no separate software to control the encrypted software.

  • Ransomware can be controlled by installing the cyber security software to the individual PC’s. 
  • Clicking to the ads which are unfamiliar to the content.
  • Updating antivirus software frequently to prevent the attacks.


Baiting is the next cyber attack happening frequently. The attack will happen by bait where the user is promised with  a reward after completion. Baiting can be done in two ways

  1. Physical
  2. Online

Physical devices are kept in the visible spot where a lot of people gather. The physical device may be of  USB Stick or of any other storage device. By inserting the device into the computer the pop up will occur by paying the amount to access the files. 

Online method of baiting is posting the ads and competition with a good design. By clicking on it, the ads pop-up will occur to pay an amount to recover the files.


Vishing is the combination of voice and phishing. This type of cyber attacks don’t use emails, phone calls, or software but only through internet calling. It is also called the voice over ip(VoIP).  Cyber attacks will happen only by getting the phone call with which the bank accounts are locked. 

The easiest way to be free from the vishing technique is by calling to the original proprietor and to inform them about it. The best rule is to hang up the phone and make a call to the original website.


Pretexting is one of the cyber attacks which is done by obtaining the private information from the individuals. The perpetrator will be asked to  continue the  information from us to lure out any private information. The series of lies by asking the information. 

The same way to free yourself from pretexting is to avoid and verify the right person to contact.

Bait and Switch 

Bait is the process of viewing untrusted websites that occur on search engines. The clicks to the unidentified ads should be avoided.

Credentials Reuse

One of the attackers steals the information in which the login of all the accounts will be logged in the computer. Same usernames and passwords should be avoided. By using the password generator software this type of cyber attacks will be controlled.

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