The trading can be done in two ways like, 

  • FIAT to Crypto Exchange and
  • Crypto to Crypto Exchange. 

And the top cryptocurrencies are decided based on the Liquidity and the transaction fees, beyond that the privacy, limit, speed, reputation are considered in the game. 

Moreover, some exchanges are available only in certain countries and are not available in other areas. So the top that’s gonna listed here is not everyone’s cup of coffee. 


Binance is one of the widely used trading engines, because it is capable of doing 1,400,000 orders per second. Also their system is much handier, because it has separate functions for client management, data management, and application processing. 

To ensure security, clustering technique and a multi layered approach has also been incorporated. 

Basic and advanced level trading dashboards are available for the basic and pro traders. It offers multiple pairs and multi currency support 

Local Bitcoins

Local Bitcoin is one of the user friendly trading dashboards to trade with, because from creating an account to a digital wallet everything is far simpler. Also this platform supports human to human interactions for buying and selling your digital assets. 

The exchange rate is quite high, but supports multiple payment methods. 


Even as a new trader, one can do effective trading in the Coinbase. Even the most popular payment methods like Visa and Mastercard are also incorporated in this. 

Not to mention their low transaction fees and their high buying limit is their major strong point for the broader reach. Digital Wallets and Vaults are provided to store your site within the site. 

If you are going to trade, then check your available checklist and choose your favourite one. In some cases if you have an idea to kickstart a business with the crypto exchange platform then we Zodeak technology offers the Cryptocurrency exchange script, like Binance Clone, Coinbase Clone and others. 

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