Dealing with the money always needs auxiliary security, undoubtedly the online transaction demands additional collateral support. Because there are multifarious options to do hacking, phishing or manipulating the account and many others to rip off the money.

When you are about to start an exchange trading platform then its your soul responsibility to include security features and help the user to maintain an assured account. So keep reading and thumbs app for your startup. 

In the Binance clone (cryptocurrency exchange script) the following features are epoch making and it denies the violation or breaches from negatives and make your platform out of contravention. 

Security Features In Binance Clone

2FA – Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is nothing but securing your account with an additional lock to secure the account. It can be enabled in two different ways like 


  • SMS Authentication
  • Google Authentication


Let’s check out what the above listed. 

SMS Authentication – As we all know, for every login the user will receive an OTP to the phone number provided while creating an account. The OTP, verification code has a validation time and it gets expired after a short time. This is convenient and simple to use, but the opportunity for spoofing your mobile number is avail. 

Google Authentication – This process is comparatively secure to SMS authentication. The user have to personally setup the google authentication. Google authentication can be downloaded in iOS, android and as an extension in the web. 

For every Login a seperate, unique verification code will be generated. This is strongly encrypted but requires an additional application to install. 

This both options is included in the security field and the user can make use of this.

Anti phishing option : A spam mail or other mail can be sent from other party and let you in trouble by taking up your personal details. So the user will set an alphabetical code and when the admin sends an mail, the user can predict the original mail from the concern and a spam generated mail for breaching. 

Address Management : While withdrawing the whitelabeled address alone can be manually added and do withdrawal. 

Through this kind, as an admin you can construct a security wall for the users to safeguard their cryptos and organize a certain exchange trading platform. If you are interested to start your own crypto exchange platform, then we offer the best crypto exchange script in the market which is highly customizable and user friendly. 

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