Local bitcoins are the P2P trading of fiat currencies for bitcoins through an Escrow system. Bitcoin buyers and sellers can trade bitcoins on this platform. Zodeak, the cryptocurrency exchange development company offers you the best readymade local bitcoin script or cryptocurrency exchange script for Entrepreneurs to start the crypto business.

What’s in Local Bitcoin?

There are some features that make local bitcoin the best bitcoin marketplace for crypto people.

Transaction Fees

To deposit Bitcoin Makers: 1% of the total amount

To buy Bitcoin Takers: 0%

Limits to Trade bitcoins

Level 1: Name+Country+Email+Phone Number verification to Trade 1000Euros/Year

Level 2: Level1+Physical Address+ID. Trade Limit is 20,000 Euros/Year

Level 3: Level2+Proof of Residence Trade limit is 200,000 Euros/Year

Level 4: Level3+Extra Id Verification and no trade limit after verified successfully.

Security Features Offered 

  • Reputation system
  • Escrow Service
  • 2Factor Authentication
  • Login Guard
  • Support

Guide to Trade Bitcoins

  1. Choose the right seller
  2. Communication with seller
  3. Make Payment


  • Make payment and mark it as paid within the given time
  • Never trade outside the bitcoin marketplace even though many sellers offer a low price
  • Send your payment details only through bitcoin medium, not through any other interface.
  • Once bought bitcoin, move it in the personal bitcoin wallet for safety purposes.

Special Features offered in Local Bitcoins

  • Escrow Service The admin of Escrow service will take full responsibility for the whole transaction and complete the trade.
  • Online/Offline Trade Bitcoins – The buyer will have direct contact with the trader is called offline trade and the buyer who doesn’t know the trader can do the transaction through escrow service called the online trade.
  • Dispute Management – If the seller and buyer do not complete the negotiation process completely by the escrow service the dispute management will take necessary actions to avoid the risk.
  • Multiple Payment Options – Multiple payment options are included, the buyer and seller can change the bitcoin to fiat currency inside the site itself.
  • Multiple Transactions – Any number of transactions can be done using this script so there won’t be any flaw during the transaction. 

So with these benefits Entrepreneurs can get a cryptocurrency exchange platform with local bitcoin script. For support contact us at cryptocurrencyscript1@gmail.com or click website local bitcoin script.