The people who acknowledged crypto trading eventually know about the prominence of the Binance trading platform. Binance has supported millions of users for trading and also allowed a number of coins and cryptocurrencies for the exchange.

Most importantly, Binance has been performed as a secured trading engine among users. That’s why entrepreneurs who are interested in the crypto trading venture prefer Binance clone script. 

If you have also planned a Binance Clone script for your trading business then make sure to understand the required features and functionalities that have to be incorporated in the platform. 

Required Features In The Binance Clone Script

Whitelabel Solutions – Without the traces of the developers the website got set up with your very own brand identity. 

24 hours Live Trade Chart –  The trading details have been represented in the chart format which is effective for the basic as well as pro traders

Instant Buy and Sell features – The users can buy and sell the coin initially without any delay. 

Multiple Trading Orders like Limit order, Stop order and Market order – The traders can choose the price level of their trading from the options like Limit, Stop and Market.

Trading Interfaces like Basic and Advanced – According to the trading experience the traders can switch between the basic and advanced mode. 

Multi Cryptocurrency Integration – For trading obviously multiple cryptocurrency integration is required one and it has to be incorporated. 

Referral Options – To earn multiple users from the existing users, the referral option plays a good role.

User Friendly CMS – The usage of the script should be as simple and easy to navigate according to the user persona. 

Secured Admin Panel : A separate admin dashboard to maintain all the trading fees and other sectors independently. 

Additionally the trading platform demands multiple security features, some of the common features that has to be included are as follows. 

For Security Special Features Like

  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Google Authentication
  • SMS Authentication Settings
  • Withdrawal Address Management
  • Email Verifications

All these has to be included for the premier exchange script. To check about the security please check This Security Feature That Makes Binance Clone More Reliable Blog. 

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