Binance is one of the global exchange cryptocurrency platforms. As everyone knows, it initially launched in China and due to the government act Binance moved its server to the Japan and perfectly going in the flow. 

What is Binance ?

To know about this you desperately have to know about the trading concepts.

The opportunities of trading are as follows  If one has to convert 

  • FIAT to Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency to FIAT
  • Or from one cryptocurrency to other one cryptocoins, currency or token

Then this exchange platform is a must needed one and Binance is one of the platforms which helps traders to perform trading. 

Most importantly Binance have a separate cryptocurrency called BNB in the platform and has the second largest liquidity flow of trading. 

How Binance Works ?

In the Binance (bitcoin trading script) if you have any cryptocurrency then you can trade with the two hundred plus coins and tokens to do this create an account. 

Register : When you are a newbie do enter the mail id, password and a referral id(optional). A confirmation mail will be sent and confirm your account. When you login for the first time for security reasons Binance ask to setup a two factor authentication (2FA) that is either through facebook or SMS. 

Without a second thought do your 2FA authentication process to avoid breaches,or else later you will feel bad about that. 

Process Of Binance

Deposits : If the user wish to deposit an cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH or any other then choose the right coin, a deposit address will be generated. Either copy the address or using the QR code deposit the amount. 

After depositing the amount you can track its progress on the history page. 

Withdraw :  Similarly you can withdraw the amount by clicking funds – withdraw and for example let’s consider we gonna withdraw and deposit in coins clone.

Then click withdraw, and paste the address and XRP code, and the amount to be withdrawn. Then the transaction can be done.

Also with the Limit, market and stop market you can trade that is buy and sell bitcoins easily. 

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