Cryptocurrencies has become the most famed one in the marketplace because of their advantages and trading benefits. As it is based on the crucial Blockchain technology, the security features and other traits makes it as the most reliable one. 

The marketplace that acquired scope will definitely put red carpet for new opportunities, So many started to invest in cryptos, some did mining, even some launched their own ICO’s and very few started their own crypto exchange platform with cryptocurrency exchange script

The rare one always has great values, and that’s why crypto trading platforms like Binance, Paxful, Remitano, Coinbase have succeeded and created a brand for themselves in a very short span. 

So it’s crystally clear that crypto exchange platform has a good subsequent and after acknowledging this the major question that peeps is what are the requirements to start and how long does it take to dive in ?

Solution For Crypto Exchange Platform :

The crypto trading happens on the website. So a crypto currency exchange script like Binance clone or others are required to built the platform. 

In case if you choose to stick to the script that is developed from the scratch then from analysing, planning, testing and other works consumes more than 6 months to get a complete setup. But the time invested is worth it too. 

On the other hand if you opt to choose the MVP product like Binance Clone or other clone scripts then for customization and launch it will just take less than 15 days. Most importantly the script that is to be used is absolutely legal and does not own any copyrights from the parent product. 

Not to mention, the important thing to be noticed is as there is not much research or other works it also charges less compared to the script that is developed from scratch. 

Benefits of having Crypto Exchange Platform through MVP :

The white label solution will draft the website according to the brand including logo, favicon and there will be no traces of the developing vendors. 

Also the security features like 2factor authentication, fast KYC/Withdrawal, transparency,and secured wallet have also been integrated. 

For trading two trade dashboard like Basic and advanced is available and trading options like stop, market and live option is also encompassed. 

A separate admin panel to set the transactional fees and others is also built and made easy for the admin to manage the business to some extent.

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