The cryptocurrency growth is vast all over the world. More than 1500 cryptocurrencies are listed in the Coinmarketcap but still the craze is not reduced. Entrepreneurs are launching a new cryptocurrency exchange script and entering into the world of Crypto. 

Crypto Trading Platform

India is going to launch the first Cryptocurrency exchange namely Coinswitch. Coinswitch provides liquidity to change the cryptocurrency they want to buy for the INR and refreshes the conversion within 30 seconds on the selected cryptocurrency.

They said that the first 25,000 users will gain rewards as points. Several numbers of cryptocurrencies are ready to launch in India despite RBI issuing any notices.

How to Start A Cryptocurrency Business In India

  • Gaining Proper Legal Documents
  • Apply for Fund to open Venture
  • Cryptocurrency Solution Provider
  • Test on your own 
  • Go live through customer testing
  • Start Marketing and PR campaign
  • Maintain the cryptocurrency


Gaining Proper Legal Documents

To start a business, a proper method of approach is a must and when you prefer to start a business like a cryptocurrency exchange software proper legal documents should be verified by both state & central governments. Proper licensing should be obtained to run the business smoothly. 

Fund Raising

After getting the proper documents for the business. The next step is to attain funds to open the venture. The approximate cost of each and everything is to be noted. More startups are failing by not preparing for a longer vision. To attain the exact funds, proper documents and the planned cost should be included

Cryptocurrency Solution Provider

The cryptocurrency development company chosen by one of the reliable organizations provides a turnkey solution for the exchange in a short span of life at an affordable cost. Choose wisely based on the features provided for developing the software with the latest technology, 24/7 technical solution provider with free server installation, and white label solution. 

Zodeak provides a Cryptocurrency solution with all the mentioned features at an affordable cost. 

Test on your own

Before getting into live testing of the cryptocurrency on your own, check out whether the conversions are properly corrected, the wallet is properly working, no sign-up or login issues, transferring cryptos are properly transferred.

Go live through Customer Testing

After checking on your own move the website/software to live and test through the customer and obtain the assurance that the app is working without any issue. The second level of testing beta testing and ensures the venture is protected properly and the payment processing system is to be protected. 

Start Marketing and PR Campaign

The cryptocurrency exchange should be launched and able to connect with the people by marketing your exchange all over the world. PR campaign to be started to deliver to all the people based on the pricing. 

Maintaining The Cryptocurrency

While customer support is the last step in the making of a successful cryptocurrency exchange, your ability to shine in this area will determine your long-term success. The cryptocurrency script should work without any bug and if any bug raises it should quickly provide a solution. Maintenance should be done then and there to keep safe for both customers and businessmen.