Exchange platform holds the biggest space among the crypto users. Because in this proliferating sectors, exchange allows the users to make transactions from FIAT to cryptocurrency or from one crypto to another. 

No matter what, every cryptocurrency user will be in need of the exchange platform, and that’s how the top most crypto exchange platform are generating revenue around $ 3 million as a fees per day. (approx)

As a business mind, one will try to make persistent income, and owning an exchange platform is one of turnkey solutions for the tenacious profit. Once after creating quality brand and increasing the volume of your exchange platform, one can generate wholesome money. 

There is no doubt , when you have substantial benefits the risk factors also equally exist. Don’t worry, we Zodeak Cryptocurrency exchange development company will help you to aid you  in this exchange realm with the technical support. 

The Revenue Model 

The main and common source of revenue is commision per trade. Once after the inceptive, users hardly make transactions and it doesn’t seem to be a better payback. But I guarantee that, after becoming a reliable exchange platform you will enjoy a profitable shower. 

Can’t believe the words ? Okay let me give you an example

Erudite about the prominent exchange revenue generating process will help you to get a better proposal. So let’s have a peep over there. 

Have you heard of the famous exchange platforms like Binance and OKEx ? One of the largest volume of trading sectors.

  • Binance charges 0.2 % for transactions
  • OKEx charges 0.7% for transactions

And their trading volume would be around $ 1.7 billion daily.

So based on the volume you generate for your own crypto exchange you can decide the fee for the transactions. 

Listing Fees

Numerous crypto exchanges charges to list the ICO or tokens on their platform, even the exchange platform charges millions, and the price is based on the fame of your exchange. 

When the liquidity of your exchange grows, the fees you collect for listing can be stretched. 

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