Paxful – Crypto Exchange Platform 

In less than a decade, the digital currencies are widely accepted by people and earned paramount significance. Yes! According to the statistics 25 Bitcoins are mined in 10 mins(approx) this indicates that there is a demand for crypto trade, and not  to mention the Indian crypto verdict has also removed the stumbling block which is a good sign for the crypto traders. 

There are multiple crypto exchange platforms existing in the marketplace and Paxful is one among them. 

Overview About Paxful

  • Paxful is the crypto platform which allows you to buy and sell Bitcoins. 
  • More than 300 modes of payment gateways have been included in Paxful for better transaction. 
  • Limitless transactions are allowed, but demands some authentication process. When the authentication fails limitless trade is not avail. 
  • The verification/authentication involves 4 kinds of levels like Level 1 to 4. 
  • Level 1 –  Phone number and eMail Verification and the limit is upto 1500$
  • Level 2 – Id verification and  the limit exceeds 10000$
  • Level 3 –  Address Verification and limit is same as Level 2
  • Level 4 – After authenting the profile, one can enjoy the limitless transactions. 
  • To speak about transmission fees, Paxful charges 1  % for the trading. Also the trading fees are applicable only for withdrawing not for deposits. 
  • Also Paxful is allowed only in certain countries and got bounded/restricted in some countries like Iraq, North korea, Iran and others. 
  • Paxful is integrated with the Binance so Bitcoins can be directly purchased from the Binance. 

So the Paxful is flooded with the good trading features to do trade. So as a business person if you are initiated to start the crypto exchange platform then Paxful clone script is one of the good ways to give a hit in the marketplace. 

Benefits of Relying On Paxful Clone Script :

  • The script is an MVP product so it will take less time to launch in the marketplace and also requires less research work. 
  • As it involves less time, the website can get drafted at an affordable cost. 
  • As referring to the most prominent existing website, from security to other features can be incorporated easily.
  • Absolutely relying on the clone script is ethical and legit to do. 
  • Clone script vendor provides the reliable technical support 

So crypto exchange is one of the profitable and worth for giving a try. For any queries feel free to reach our blockchain solution company at or tap on Paxful clone script