Well, actually setting up the cryptocurrency exchange is absolutely not an easy task, you have to handle multiple criteria and updates. 

Yet if you have strong idea and passion to realm on the crypto exchange then explicitly peer on things regarding the to and fro. 

Because in exchange platform you are about to handle money. Trading, transactions and everything is all about Money here. So without a doubt 

  • You have to undergo numerous legal requirements 
  • Simultaneously have to handle the security setup like two factor authentication, API security access, employee access and many others. 

Here trust matters so no matter what, you have to highly invest to avoid the security breaches. 

Simultaneously the government may or may not change about the legality regarding the cryptocurrency, so regarding the updates you need a super brainstorming tech team as a support to overcome the arduous situation. 

Never forget to take care of the backups and how to handle when required is also to be managed effectively. Eventually multiple cryptocurrency like Bitcoins, BTH, Litecoin and many other currency has to be interlinked. 

But let me give you a hope ticket, when you have a better plan, technical support, it is one of the great ground to do business. Wondering how to earn money or see profit through this check out this blog.

Zodeak, a crypto exchange development company have been taking an extra mile to shield you from the forges. 

After looking into the messes let’s dive into the opportunity it procures. 


To be precise you will be in need of 4 major options like 

  • Trading Engine, 
  • Front End UI
  • Digital Wallets
  • Backend console

Trading Engine  – Trading engine is where the calculations and transactions gets executed and the updates in the order book happens. To set up this core engine more knowledge about the domain is required. 

Front End UI – This is for the user to withdraw and deposit the funds. Additionally to look over the order book, check balance, statistics charts etc. 

Digital Wallet  – To change cryptocurrency from Fiat to any digital currency or to store the private keys, one need the digital wallets. 

Backend Console – As a crypto exchange admin to manage the transactional fees, listing and others can be done through this backend console. 

So for your own cryptocurrency exchange you need all 4 requirements and employees to be engaged to manage your customers.

So i have jotted down the basics requirements to start a crypto exchange platform, if you need any aids, feel free to contact the Zodeak technologies. The experienced crypto developers will share the room to clarify the queries. 

Contact : cryptocurrencyscript1@gmail.com