The invention of blockchain and crypto coins bought a noticeable wave in this Crypto Trading field. All these credits go to the pseudonymous  person Satoshi nakamoto. Initially crypto’s didn’t earn vast boost but as days passed many started to influence the benefits of crypto trading. 

( This actually made multiple business people to kickstart a crypto exchange platform using a best binance clone script  or crypto currency exchange script )

What is Crypto Trading ?

Cryptos are virtual money and their value depends on the liquidity of the currencies. Right now there are around 2650 cryptocurrencies exist and every coin has its own and different values. The price value keeps spiking or dwindling based on the usage of the coins. 

As a trader one likes to buy a low price property and sell them when you get enough profited or for other reasons. Same goes with the crypto trading too. 

You may purchase a coin and if you are satisfied with the profit while selling the crypto then you can proceed, or if the value of the coin keeps on decreasing then to avoid broad loss the user can also do sell the crypto coins. 

So as a trader, keenly has to monitor the spikes of the coin value and make decisions to buy and sell the digital currency. 

How Does It Get Stored ?

Many people have this doubt, As cryptos are digital currencies how they get stored and how to use them.  To do crypto trading, one needs to have an account in the trading platform like Binance, Poloniex, Coinbase or others. (Make your choice after analysing about the transaction fees and security enhancement of the platform)

In your preferred platform you can convert your FIAT to the crypto coins and exchange a single crypto to another and even can convert those crypto to the FIAT back. ( Not all platforms allows these, check their features before ) 

Also to store the Crypto coins, a digital wallet is available to store and secure your transaction in ease.