In this epoch, crypto tradings are escalating widely, and the enlightenment regarding the trading platforms becomes the most acceptable one by the end users. 

So to do trade and get beneficial, users may prefer peer to peer platforms like Paxful or crypto exchange platforms like Binance. 

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Coming to the point, let’s discuss the crypto trading platform. 

Difference Between Paxful And Binance 

Paxful : Paxful is a peer to peer online crypto trading marketplace established in 2015 which is based in the USA. More than 40,000 bitcoins transactions have been done over Paxful. 

The most important one is 300 kinds of payment gateway / methods have been integrated to buy/sell cryptos and it is one of the globally accessible platforms except the OFAC banned countries. 

To talk about the service Paxful offers services like : 

  • P2P market
  • Wallet
  • Kiosk service
  • Vendor service
  • Affiliate program

When it comes to security options, the verification methods like phone number, email,  Id card, have been integrated to avoid breaches. 

Transaction fees are around 0.5 to 5 % for the trading from the end users. 


Binance is one of the crypto exchange platforms, where the user can exchange from one crypto to another easily and can eventually buy and sell cryptos within the site. Binance supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies globally and is considered  as the world largest crypto trading platform.

Binance propose three kinds of trades options like limit, market, and stop limit address and also integrated options like launchpad which provide hosting for the emerging blockchain products.

Also a own coin of Binance called as BNB has included and offers multiple options to increase the liquidity of the currency. 

In Binance, for depositing there will be no fee charged, and the trade fees varies like if the user holds BNB coins then they may charge different and vice versa. But for withdrawal the fee gets charged. 

So hopefully the major core points of binance and paxful has been updated. If you are about to do trade then just dig deeply about this and make your decision. As well as if you are about to start a business like Binance or paxful, We Zodeak the cryptocurrency exchange script development company proffer best solution with help of the MVP product Binance clone

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