Binance is the second largest global cryptocurrency exchange platform which is highly used to do exchange and trade cryptos with less transaction fees and fast transactions.  Most importantly to avoid breaches ample attention has been addressed to the API, 2FA regarding securities. 

Binance platform is worth trying for both the professional pro traders and beginners. Most importantly right from the trading tools, charts, and security features Binance has been perfectly packed. 

Zodeak Technology, is one of the trusted organization offering cryptocurrency exchange script, and the Binance clone script, which works similar to the Binance exchange platform. 

Features Of Binance

Two factor authentication : For security reasons, two factor authentication have been included. 

Deposit : The crypto can be deposited in the binance by influencing the address for the transaction. 

Withdraw : Similarly the crypto can be withdrawn in the binance by address and has to  provide the transaction fees, and the fee vary depends on the currency

Explicit Chart : With indicators the explicit trading history can be gauged and the details can be make use of for the profitable trading

Fiat To Crypto : Now directly the crypto can be earned through FIAT money. (Only FIAT currency have been included)

UX Interface : For trading, the buy and sell is pretty easy, the basic and advanced version for trading is also included. 

Transaction Fees : For every trade the transaction fees has been charged and that can be paid through cryptocurrency. In case if it is paid through the Binance coin, they offer 50 % off on the transaction. 

Most importantly there is no limit for the number of coins to deposit and only the verified members can withdraw amount without any limitation. The verification process include details like full name, gender, country, passport photo, country, government issued id/passport, and even a selfie with the passport. 

After knowing this opportunities on exchange platform and if you are delighted to start a crypto exchange platform, then we Zodeak team will be there to aid you. We offer the best cryptocurrency exchange script to commence your exchange platform script effectively. 

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