Cryptocurrency or digital currency is recently getting eminent among people. So the thought of including the crypto currency payment in the online transactions for their business is always in the talk. 

Even banks, governments also has a special spotlight regarding the upshot of the digital currency.  

But before deciding a resolvement, no matter what one has to analyse about the to and fro of it. Don’t worry you are not a newbie to include the cryptocurrency, some of the prominent online retail stores and even brick and mortar companies have included this earlier. 

Before that make sure to ask yourself

  • Can you manage the crypto currency safe compared to traditional currency?
  • Not to mention the regulatory and tax schemes were completely strenuous to understand. So check can you master it effectively. 
  • Are you okay with the volatility of the crypto value. To know in brief check the crypto value chart for years. 

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Woot !  Let’s look into the reason why to include the cryptocurrency payment gateways ?

Digital currency Transaction.

Secured Transactions

As crypto currencies like Bitcoins, Ethereum transactions are done through blockchain technology which is decentralized and every transactions are stored by verifying and it gets enforced. As it is encrypted, both the parties can feel safe regarding the transactions. 

Most importantly the proof of funds before transaction completion will paramountly truncate the mess. So no more breaches in the digital currency transactions.

Higher Opportunity 

When one business site has multiple online payment gateway then the probability of using that website is high in number. Because it provides convenience to the user. 

Why to lose that golden slot to grab the digital  currency users in the market. Moreover millennials are highly aware about digital currencies and getting adopt, so can attract them to the greater extent. 

Lower Transaction Fees 

Compared to credit card transaction or other third party transactions, the cryptocurrency transactions happens with a less transactional fees. 

For example let’s consider the average business pays 3% as the fees on their transactions when it is done with the third party integration. but when the Crypto exchange happens it only cost 1.5% which is absolutely 50 percent savings in their transactional fees. 

Quicker Payment 

Another valid point which is convincing is it takes only a few minutes or hours to complete the transaction towards your service. You don’t want to wait for two to three business days to complete or close a deal when the user choose to do crypto exchanges. 

Simple Integration 

As a service or business owner you don’t need any coding or technical knowledge to incorporate this integration. We Zodeak will make sure to support you to integrate the cryptocurrency exchange pavement with API Integration. 

So the integration will be simple and effective. 

Global Marketplace

The digital currency can be transacted beyond the borders and multiple countries with ease that too at minimal cost and time. Because it is not bound by any specific country. 

Correspondingly this cryptocurrency is suitable for high risk business. Because at times traditional banks does not supports high risk business transactions.

So the positives and negatives of integrating the cryptocurrency payment is jotted down. Personally gauge the details and decide to take actions on your business. Most importantly if you are an international retail or eCommerce site then can give a thought about this. 

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