Zodeak, the crypto exchange development company offers the best ready made Binance clone script or the Crypto Currency Exchange Script for the entrepreneurs who are willing to start their own exchange platforms. The script is included with the secure and trading features which makes the entrepreneurs unique and stay away from the competitors. 

Within a short span, one can get live into the marketplace and launch the business with the best technical support team. Enjoy the benefits of the MVP binance clone and shoot up your  business with all precedence.

Why Choose Binance ? 

  • Binance is one of the highly secured trading platforms that encompasses two factor authentication and sends the OTP for the connected mobile number to take place the actions. 
  • The volume trade of the Binance clone is high and allows multiple transactions within seconds. 
  • Binance also offers the launch pad to list their cryptocurrency which can sell/buy through the platforms. 
  • Binance is one of the platforms that charges very less transaction fees, that is less than 0.01 % fee for every trading. 
  • Tokens like Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin and others are also supported by the Binance platform. 

 Special Features Included In The Binance Clone Script 

  • It offers two trading platforms like Basics and advanced. 
  • Without time consumption, the buyers can buy and sell the cryptocurrency instantly.
  • Even multiple trading options like Limit, market, stop orders are also available.     
  • 24 hours live trade chart included in the exchange script.
  • FIAT currency integration and their conversion to crypto is also enabled. 
  • Flexible deposit and withdraw options are also available

So with multiple benefits one can get into the crypto exchange platform with the Binance clone script. For support feel free to reach us at cryptocurrencyscript1@gmail.com or tap on our website at Binance Clone .