Binance P2P provides a platform where buyers and sellers will list out the offers to the cryptocurrencies. It is one of the safety and secure way of transactions. P2P in binance is launched in October 2019 and processed more than $950 million. The trading fees for binance is very low compared to other cryptos. There is no extra charge for depositors and withdrawal fees will be different for every crypto.

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The best Binance P2P platform is working with some good features. The features are listed below and explained

  • P2P With No trading fees

Binance the only crypto platform offering a peer to peer transaction with no trading fees. The transaction between fiat to cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency to fiat, and crypto to crypto are also possible with zero trading fees.

  • Crypto trading operation¬†

Binance has launched this new feature of trading the cryptos as per your own and set an offer to the users with an app easily. 

  • Best prices in Trading

It’s a trading platform to set up apps easily and offers the coin for competitive prices to improve future conditions.

  • Easy Remittance through Binance

Binance allows us to use all the platforms easily and use the remittance option very easily. The currency which we need to change from fiat to crypto can be achieved within an hour.

  • Binance P2P Escrow Service

This feature is a reliable one, the currency will be kept secured while transferring and the service is like taking care of the currencies. The payments will get settled after completing all the negotiations between the buyer and seller.

  • Binance supports multiple currencies

P2P supports multiple currencies. The trading also accepts nearly 27currencies and 6 cryptocurrencies. Binance is the only cryptocurrency platform that accepts the fiat currency to buy cryptocurrency. Binance has improved itself to allow many cryptocurrencies and fiat currency to buy cryptos.

Binance Clone Script

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